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Guide to Tire Maintenance in San Diego CA

Many car owners in San Diego are motivated to improve their overall fuel economy, maintaining tire pressure is just one way that can be accomplished. 

Properly Inflated Tires Can Go a Long Way

We all know that tires will wear out over time. However, we still want to make sure that we can get the most out of our tires because of how expensive they can be. Not only can a properly inflated tire save on gas, but it can also last longer. An under-inflated tire will wear out much faster than it should. 

Many car owners in San Diego wonder if there is a benefit to adding extra pounds of tire pressure. Well, that’s not quite the case. 

There are many reasons you should not over-inflate your tires. This will cause the middle of the tread to wear unevenly, which will negatively impact your handling. 

There is a sticker on the driver’s side door jamb on every car in the San Diego CA area that can inform you of the recommended tire pressure. This number is key to the suspension tuning of the vehicle. This level of pressure is designed into the very engineering of your car and will provide for the most optimal ride. 

Tire Rotation San Diego

Guide to Tire Maintenance in San Diego CAIt is important that you rotate your tires. The shoulders of your front tires will wear more rapidly than the rear tires because they are what take on most of the brunt force during your ride. An auto repair shop in San Diego can rotate your tires to make sure that they all wear evenly. 

For most cars, the front tires will be rotated to the rear and the rear to the front. Certain vehicles will need a cross-rotational pattern. Cars with an asymmetrical tire need to stay on the right or left side, which will be disclosed on the tire. For high-performance vehicles with asymmetrical tires, they will be of different sizes on the front and rear. These types of tires cannot be rotated. You can check the details for your vehicle in the owner’s manual. 

If you are wondering how often you should rotate your tires, you can always check your owner’s manual or you can just ask an auto mechanic in San Diego. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, a technician will perform a visual inspection to let you know if you need a rotation. For most cars, a rotation should be performed roughly every 5,000 miles. 

Tire Maintenance San Diego

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