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Factors That Can Impact Your San Diego Smog Test

Many people do not know the many factors that may impact their smog test, and this is particularly true for the owners of older vehicles. Let’s take a look at some factors that may impact the outcome of your smog test in San Diego. 

Needed Repairs

If your vehicle requires repair, you should not go in for a smog check. There is a significant change that the vehicle will fail the smog test if it needs serious repairs. You should complete any major repairs before bringing your vehicle in for a smog inspection. 

Cold Engine

It is not advised to do a smog check on a vehicle with a cold engine. You should drive the car for around 20 minutes before going into the auto repair shop in San Diego in order to ensure that your vehicle’s engine is properly warmed up and can reach the proper fuel mixture and combustion levels. 

Recent Battery Replacement or Disconnection

Factors That Can Impact Your San Diego Smog TestWhenever you have your vehicle’s battery replaced, disconnected, or jump started, there is a chance that the internal test monitors will be erased. The smog testing facility requires this information for your car to pass the smog test. 

Oil Change

Dirty or contaminated oils can impact the outcome of a smog test. The engine is intended to take in fumes that emanate from oil compartments, and these fumes then become part of the engine’s combustion. If your oil is dirty or needs to be changed, you may fail the smog test. 

Tire Inflation

During the smog inspection, the auto mechanic in San Diego will usually drive your car on a dynamometer to obtain some readings. Proper tire pressure is required to ensure that the vehicle can be driven in a stable manner during the test. If your tires are not inflated properly, it may be a factor that influences your test outcome. 

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is on, it could end badly if you go in for a smog test. If the check engine light is on during the test, it may result in an automatic failure. In California, state law prohibits mechanics from refusing the test based on an illuminated check engine light. 

Be certain that you pass some of these steps to increase your chances of a successful smog test. If you need to have your vehicle smog tested, come by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today. 

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