Easy Ways to Pinpoint the Source of a Fluid Leak

Easy Ways to Pinpoint the Source of a Fluid Leak

There are few things more aggravating than discovering a pool of automotive fluid beneath your vehicle. What’s leaking from your vehicle? Is it safe to drive your car? The color of the fluid seeping from the car can assist you to identify it. This is one of the reasons why automotive fluids come in a variety of hues. Dab some fluid with a clean cloth or paper towel to examine it. Our auto mechanics in Mesa, California have made a color chart to help you figure things out.

Blue Fluid

If you dab some blue fluid, it’s most likely windshield cleaner. However, it might also be engine coolant. To see if your engine coolant in the overflow reservoir is blue, look at the color. If it isn’t, your car is leaking windshield cleaner and you may drive it safely.

Brown Fluid

It’s generally not a smart idea to keep driving your automobile if the fluid on the paper towel or cloth is light brown, dark brown, or amber. Check the levels of each to discover how much you’ve lost. Brown fluid might be brake fluid, transmission oil, or motor oil. It’s sugged that you contact a tow truck if there’s a lot of fluid.

Green Fluid

Easy Ways to Pinpoint the Source of a Fluid Leak

Green fluid is frequently mistaken for antifreeze or coolant, but don’t be fooled. Blue, orange, red, or yellow engine coolants are all options. There is a chance that the bottom of your radiator has corroded if the fluid is orange. It’s never safe to drive a car with a coolant leak, no matter what color it is.

Red Fluid

Engine coolant and brake fluid can both be red, as we just discussed. However, the most frequent red fluids in your car are power steering and transmission fluid. If there is a lot of red fluid on your garage floor, any established auto repair shop in Mesa, CA will not suggest that you drive your car.

Clear Fluid

Finally, transparent fluid is nothing more than water. When you operate the air conditioner, condensation will drop from the unit, and condensation will also drip from the tailpipe. This is normal, and just a few spots should be visible. You can drive your car, truck, or C/SUV without fear if that’s all you see.

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