How Does Ash Impact Your Air Filter in San Diego CA?

Don’t Miss Out on Clean Air: Change Your Air Filter!

We take air quality for granted while we are driving around San Diego. Air filters have become a common component of modern vehicles, but this is a fairly new occurrence. The novelty of the air filter has resulted in many drivers not knowing much about how they function. 

What Does the Air Filter Do? 

The air filter is responsible for cleaning the air in the passenger compartment — commonly known as the cabin — of your car or truck. They essentially serve the same function as the furnace filter in your home. The air filter sifts through particles that can be as small as three microns, which is incredibly minuscule. For comparison, a grain of grass is around 200 microns. 

Your cabin air filter is in charge of filtering out dust, pollution, pollen, and spores from your cabin to ensure that the air in your vehicle is clean. Just like the furnace filter at home, they need to be changed every now and then. You can consult with your owner’s manual to find out the recommended interval for your car, but generally, they should be changed roughly every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. 

Don’t Miss Out on Clean Air: Change Your Air Filter!

The filter can be found in two main places: under the hood or dashboard. Some filters are harder to reach than others, so you may need the help of an auto mechanic in San Diego to replace your filter. 

Air Filter Replacement San Diego

Despite its key function in the car, many San Diego CA drivers are unaware that they even have a cabin air filter, with many going into an auto repair shop in San Diego with complaints of weird smells coming from the vent system. In these cases, the driver often finds out that they were in need of a long-overdue air filter replacement. By quickly changing it out for a clean filter, you can get back on the road in greater comfort. 

Those who have bad allergies stand to benefit tremendously from maintaining their cabin air filter. A clean filter will keep out these annoying allergens. If you are sensitive to allergies, you should be sure to stay on a strict filter replacement schedule. 

If you are driving through a lot of pollution or dusty conditions, you should change out your air filter more frequently. 

Auto Repair San Diego 

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