The Price of Changing Your Cabin Air Filter

Don’t Forget to Flush Your Coolant

Most people know that they have to change their oil regularly in order to keep their vehicle running in prime condition. However, many vehicle owners do not know that they also need to change their coolant. Vehicle owners used to change their anti-freeze during the fall in order to ensure that they were ready for the colder winter months. While this may not be needed in San Diego, modern coolant does not need to be changed as often as it used to. However, it will still lose its effectiveness over time, and flushing coolant will help remove any build-up in the system. 

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What Does Coolant/Anti-Freeze Do?

Coolant or anti-freeze primarily does two things for your car; it prevents the water from boiling out as it moves through the special chambers through the engine, into the radiator, and back again, and it also prevents the water from freezing inside those chambers in low temperatures. The chemicals that compose coolant will break down as the mixture ages and is exposed to extreme temperatures or heat. Also, the coolant prevents high quantities of rust from building up with your cooling system and gunking up the works. 

When Should I Change My Coolant?

Don’t Forget to Flush Your CoolantMost vehicle manufacturers will recommend that you change your coolant about every 100,000 miles or ten years of the original coolant. Do you know what the recommendations are for your vehicle manufacturer? You just need to check with your owner’s manual for the exact mileage or time. Dirty coolant or coolant with too much water in it can do long-term damage to your car, making an older vehicle wear down even more quickly. By making sure your coolant is in good condition, you can save on expensive repairs as your car ages. Aftermarket coolants come in a few different varieties, and some are designed for longer-term use than others. Most coolant manufacturers will recommend that you change it every three to five years or 30-50,000 miles. 

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