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Does My San Diego Air Conditioner Need Freon?

There are some telling signs that your car’s air conditioner is low on freon. The team of expert mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has put together some common signs that you may need some extra freon for your vehicle’s A/C. 

Your A/C Blows Warm Air

This is probably the most obvious sign that your car’s air conditioning system is low on freon. When your vehicle’s A/C is blowing warm air, it is time to take it into an auto repair shop in San Diego. Like we have discussed before, the air conditioning system in your car operates by circulating pressurized coolant. When the level drops too low, it will start to negatively impact performance. 

Your A/C Clutch Fails to Engage

Next time you turn on your car’s A/C, you should listen closely. You will probably hear a slight click that shows the clutch is engaged. However, if your A/C is low on freon, the clutch will not engage, meaning that there is not enough coolant for the compressor to pressurize. Essentially, your air condition system has nothing to help it function. 

Visible Coolant Leaks

Does My San Diego Air Conditioner Need Freon?Visible leaking is another notable symptom that can lead to low freon levels. If you notice a leak in your A/C system, if the fluid appears as a thin greasy substance, you will know it is freon. These leaks usually appear under the hood near the compressor, inside the cabin, or under your vehicle. If you notice any leaking, you should head over to your nearby auto repair shop San Diego so an ASE-certified auto mechanic can take a look at it and diagnose any problems with your car’s air conditioning system. 

Do I Need a Car A/C Recharge?

Your mechanic San Diego will check the system’s pressures and gauges and then identify any potential leaks. If there is a leak, the auto technician will fix the leak before refilling the system with fresh coolant. At that point, if your car’s A/C system has to be taken apart or changes, your mechanic will make sure that the system is void of all atmospheric air and moisture before charging it in order to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning system. 

If you have any questions, you should take your car to your nearby Automobile Repair Shop San Diego for a visual inspection of your car’s air conditioning system. 

Air Condition Repair San Diego

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