How Does Ash Impact Your Air Filter in San Diego CA?

Does My Fuel System Need Repair?

Many car owners do not know too much about how the modern fuel system operates. 

It begins with the fuel tank. The fuel pump is located inside the tank and pumps out fuel to the engine. Then there is the fuel filter, which filters out dirt before it reaches the engine. Then there is the fuel intake system and the fuel injectors that deliver the fuel to be burned. 

Now, let’s examine how the parts of the fuel system work together and how to make sure they last as long as possible. 

Fuel System Components

Does My Fuel System Need Repair?The best thing you can do to ensure the longevity of your fuel pump is quality fuel. Top-tier gas usually has fewer contaminants and more detergents to keep the system clean. Using quality gas or adding a fuel system cleaner to your tank can increase the lifespan of your fuel pump. 

The fuel pump is located inside your tank, making it costly to replace, so the goal is to have it last as long as possible. The fuel filter is usually referred to as the “forgotten filter.” However, it plays a key role in how the engine functions. It catches the dirt and other contaminants. 

When it becomes clogged, your engine may be unable to get adequate fuel, causing it to sputter. Many fuel filters have a bypass valve allowing unfiltered fuel to pass a clogged filter, preventing your engine from dying while on the road. However, it cannot protect your engine from dirty fuel. 

How Often Should I Replace my Filter?

Consult with your owner’s manual of contact an auto mechanic in San Diego to see how often you need to replace your fuel filter. Also, fuel will cause gum and varnish to build up in the fuel intake system. With a professional fuel system cleaning at a quality auto repair shop in San Diego, you can remove the gunk and make sure that the fuel flows freely, and to prevent contamination from reaching the fuel injectors and engine. 

The fuel has to be delivered in the right amount at the right time under exact pressure in a precise pattern. Depending on the engine, the pressure can vary from 45 pounds per square inch to 45,000 pounds per square inch. 

Fuel injectors can cost a significant sum. When they become clogged up, it doesn’t only hurt your performance and fuel economy. It also causes the injectors to wear out more quickly than they should. A professional fuel system cleaning will ensure that your injectors are kept clean and working properly.

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