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Do Your Car’s Headlights Dim as They Get Older?

Have you driven at night and felt like you had a particularly harder time seeing the road and your surroundings? Your first thought may be that perhaps it is time to have your eyes checked. However, when you are not driving, your sight seems to be just fine at night. So if your eyes are healthy what could cause this problem to arise? It could very well be your car’s dimming headlights. As with all parts of a car, with age comes wear and tear and the decreased ability to perform optimally. 

It is incredibly important to have your headlights serviced if you notice that they are dimming and reducing your visibility. Safe drivers must be alert and have unobstructed and complete ability to see. Dimmed headlights may cause you to miss something you would have otherwise seen on the road and could result in a dangerous accident.

Why do Car Headlights Dim?

Do Your Car's Headlights Dim as They Get OlderThe plastic coating that covers a headlight is vulnerable to changing the way they look. As time passes, the plastic can become yellowish or cloudy and this change in the makeup of the coating will affect the amount of light that can get through to the road. According to a study by AAA, when this happens to your car’s headlights, the amount of illumination you have pointing at the road is greatly reduced. The study found that only 20% of the brightness that you had when you initially took ownership of your automobile will shine through if the plastic becomes hazed and obscured.

If you live in San Diego and this scenario of having a reduced ability to view the road at night is happening to you, a qualified San Diego auto mechanic can help you resolve your issue. It is dangerous to wait and not take care of this issue as soon as you notice there is a problem. You may feel like you have a new enough car that this predicament shouldn’t arise. The reality is, the plastic on a car’s headlights can degrade in as little as three years to five years after purchase. 

If your headlights are still bright and working well, it is important to keep an eye on them. The moment you begin to notice something isn’t right and you are struggling to operate your motor vehicle at night, it could be due to hazed headlights. The risk for car accidents in San Diego is so high already, it only makes sense to minimize any potential risks that could be present for your safety as well as others on the road with you. If you hit a pedestrian or other driver because your lights were dim and that caused you to have a hard time seeing, you are likely to be held liable for the damages. 

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