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Do You Have the Right Motor Oil for Your San Diego Car?

There isn’t a lot said about having the right fluids for your San Diego car, and choosing the correct type of fluid has become more complicated due to changes in vehicle design and manufacturing. Many vehicle owners in San Diego CA are unaware of how things have changed over time, meaning that they may be unsure of what kind of fluid to put in their car. 

Oil Change San Diego

Take engine oil for example. About thirty years ago, there were only a few varieties of motor oil. The weight of an oil is a measurement of its unique properties, such as viscosity or thickness. 

Back in the day, it was more common to use lighter-weight oil during the winter months so the oil could better protect components of the engine before warming up completely. At the same time, heavier weight oil would be in use during the summer months because thicker oil does not thin out during the summer heat, becoming instantly vaporized inside the engine. 

Do You Have the Right Motor Oil for Your San Diego Car? r Cleaning in San Diego CA

Innovations in valve train technology have resulted in more complex systems with more moving components and passageways. The valve train is located in the uppermost area of the engine. That means when your car has been turned off for some time the oil will run downward into lower areas. This leaves the valve-train exposed when your vehicle starts before the oil has had the chance to circulate throughout the system. 

In order to meet these new engine specifications, new weights for motor oil have been introduced. 

There are certain weights recommended for certain engines, and these recommendations can usually be found on the oil fill cap. If not, it will surely be in the owner’s manual. You can always take your car to an auto mechanic in San Diego to check for you. 

Advancement in engine design means that it is more important than ever to choose the correct weight of oil. Failure to do so could risk damaging the engine. 

Other Vehicle Fluids

Motor oil isn’t the only thing that has changed. Other fluids have also become more sophisticated over time. There have been many kinds of transmission, power brake, and transmission fluids introduced recently in order to meet new design specifications for San Diego cars.

A local auto repair shop in San Diego can help make sure that you put the right fluids in your car. 

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