Why You Need to do Preventative Auto Maintenance in San Diego

Do I Need Transmission Repair in San Diego?

As a vehicle owner, it’s important to understand all the important components of your car. Today, we are going to take a closer look at your vehicle’s transmission system

Transmissions are heavy-duty components that are meant to last a long time. However, just like any other machine, transmissions can wear out over time and will need to be repaired. Let’s focus on what you can do to make sure you can push that day as far as you can. 

Healthy Transmission Fluid Is Key

Do I Need Transmission Repair San Diego?intenance San DiegoThe first thing you should do to take care of your transmission is to make sure you have enough fluid. Transmission fluid keeps the system cool and lubricated. 

When your vehicle does not have enough fluid, the transmission will run hotter than it should, causing it to wear out sooner. The transmission fluid also provides the needed pressure to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. 

If you do not have enough fluid, your transmission will not shift properly. Our service center at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego will check your transmission fluid with a full-service oil change. If needed, our auto mechanics in San Diego will top off your transmission fluid. 

Take Care of Transmission Leaks Right Away

If you notice any transmission fluid on the driveway, you should have us inspect for a leak. A gasket, hose, or seal may be leaking, and it may need to be serviced or repaired. This type of repair is fairly inexpensive compared to a top-dollar service that may be needed if the problem goes unchecked.

The next thing you should do to increase the lifetime of your transmission is to replace your transmission fluid on a regular schedule. All those gears are grinding on each other, causing bits of metal to be left in the fluid. The more contaminants, the faster the transmission components will wear out over time. Transmission fluid also contains detergents and additives to protect your transmission. These additives will deplete, meaning that old fluid is less able to protect your transmission. 

Your vehicle owner’s manual or your mechanic in San Diego can recommend when you should have your transmission serviced. If your transmission is not shifting as smoothly as it should, or you believe that there is a transmission leak, you should bring it to us for an inspection immediately. You can ask if it is time for transmission service. Regular maintenance and taking care of leaks immediately will help your transmission last as long as it can. 

Transmission Shop San Diego

Automobile Repair Shop San Diego is a family-owned and operated repair shop that has provided quality transmission repair in San Diego for years. We offer you hassle-free estimates and repairs in San Diego starting with a precise assessment of your vehicle’s current issues. We will tow your vehicle for FREE to our shop, organize a rental car, and work directly with the insurance company to streamline the repair process. We will even pay up to $500 of your deductible. Contact us today at (619) 330-0862 to see how we can help.