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Do I Need Smog Check For My San Diego Car?

Smog inspections are usually required when first registering a vehicle in California and then every two years after. The inspection cycle will continue as long as the vehicle is registered in the state. Do you need a San Diego smog test for your vehicle? 

Cars 6 Years or Newer Are Exempt

Do I Need Smog Check For My San Diego Car?At this time, smog inspections are required for all cars aside from diesel cars, trucks, or vans that are older than 1997 or with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) exceeding 14,000 pounds, electrical, natural gas-powered vehicles greater than 14,000 pounds, motorcycles, trailers, or gas vehicles that were made in 1975 or older. 

Transfer Vehicles 4 Years or Newer

Smog check exemption includes gas-powered motor vehicles that are four or fewer model years old whenever a car is being bought or sold unless the Air Resource Board (ARB) decides that a similar exemption would prohibit California from fulfilling the demands of the federal Clean Air Act. Diesel vehicles are not applicable in this category. 

Out Of State Vehicles

The six or four-year smog test exemption is not applied to cars that been brought in from another state and require first-time registration in the state of California. Both diesel and out-of-state, gas-powered cars, trucks, or vans require a smog test for original California registration, and then every two years afterward. 

Vehicles Older than 1975 Are Exempt

Starting on April 1, 2005, smog check requirements no longer applied to vehicles that were manufactured prior to 1975. All vehicles 1976 and newer will be analyzed in accordance with California emission laws. 

Diesel Smog Check

All diesel-powered vehicles made before 1998 and weighing less than 14,500 GVW will require a diesel smog check. The diesel smog test will not contain the emissions test as a part of this regular inspection, and this will not include a tailpipe test. Your diesel car, truck, or van will not be tested on the dynamometer during this smog test. 

Even Hybrid Vehicles Require Smog Checks

A hybrid-electric vehicle is defined as any passenger car using an electric engine as a component of its propulsion system, including an internal combustion engine. Starting on April 15, 2015, hybrid-electric vehicles are required to undergo a smog inspection every two years when it is time for a registration renewal, during the initial registration, and at any time ownership of the vehicles is changed, unless your AAA smog check was conducted within 90 days of the sale. 

Smog Test San Diego

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