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Do I Need San Diego Brake Repair?

As far as safety is concerned, the brakes are the most crucial system in your car. Without properly functioning brakes, you will have no way to bring your car to a safe stop. This means that you could find yourself in a potentially hazardous situation. 

Many assume that it is acceptable to put off much-needed repairs until their next paycheck, but you should have your brakes serviced immediately. If you run into any of the following signs of brake failure, you should contact a quality auto repair shop San Diego as soon as you can. 

Grinding Noises

The first thing you will probably notice if your brakes are having issues is a grinding sound when they are applied. This is the sound of metal grinding on metal, and it is usually caused by worn or thin brake pads that should be replaced right away. 

Vehicle Pulls When Braking

A potentially dangerous symptom of brake problems is when your car seems to move left or right on its own, usually in a jerking motion, when the brakes are applied. This can be a sign that many things are wrong with the brake system, including uneven wear of brake pads, a malfunctioning wheel cylinder, or contaminants in the car’s brake fluid. 

“Soft” brake pedal

Do I Need San Diego Brake Repair?If you find that you can easily and suddenly push your brake pedal to the floor, then you should visit a car performance shop San Diego immediately. This could be a sign that your brake system has a fluid leak, and this can result in you being unable to brake entirely if the issue is ignored. Other issues that could cause this problem may be excessively worn brake pads or air int he brake lines. 

Vibrating Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal is vibrating, it often means that your vehicle’s rotors have warped. The rotors are what the brake pads grab onto to create the necessary friction to slow the car. If they are warped — which can happen during routine driving — there will not be enough area for the pads to rub against. This will reduce your ability to safely slow your car. 

ABS Dashboard Light

Any light that comes up on the dash is a sign that you need to head to the nearest auto repair shop San Diego in order to fix the issue. This is particularly true if it is the anti-lock braking system light, meaning there is a problem with your brakes. 

Best Brake Repair San Diego

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