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Do I Need Power Steering Service in San Diego CA?

It’s difficult for most of us to recall a time when we didn’t have power steering. Fortunately, many of us didn’t have to deal with cranking those enormous steering wheels. While this made for great exercise, power steering is now a standard feature in modern automobiles, and the pump is the heart of every power steering system. The power steering fluid is pressurized by the pump, which offers steering assistance. The majority of pumps are powered by a belt driven by the engine, but a handful are powered by electricity. Fluid is transferred from the pump to the steering gear through a high-pressure line. The fluid is returned to the pump through a low-pressure pipe.

How Often Should I Check My Power Steering? 

Do I Need Power Steering Service in San Diego CA?Because the hoses in your power steering system might leak, inspecting them at every oil change is a smart idea. The power steering pump can be damaged by a lack of fluid. That’s why a full-service oil change includes a fluid level check. The fluid must be compatible with the hoses and seals, so consult your owner’s handbook or contact your auto repair shop in San Diego.

With the help of the fluid, you can clean, cool, and lubricate the power steering system. However, it will degrade with time and absorb undesirable moisture, so it must be changed on a regular basis. Power steering service periods are specified by several manufacturers. Unfortunately, this critical service is frequently overlooked when doing routine auto maintenance in San Diego. When in doubt, a decent backup is every 25,000 miles or two years. Clean the system with a detergent, drain out the old fluid, and replace it with high-quality fluid at your San Diego repair shop.

Common Power Steering Issues in San Diego

Here are some warning indications that your power steering is failing:

  • Difficult turning the wheel.
  • Sporadic power assistance
  • Loud whining noises from the pump
  • Regularly topping off or replacing fluid
  • Squealing belts

Always remember to only hold the steering wheel to the extreme right or left for a few seconds at a time. That will quickly wear down your pump.

Wear or severe impacts can bend or destroy other steering components. To mention a few, there’s the ball joint, idler arm, steering gear, steering knuckle, and tie rod. Steering play, wandering, uneven tire wear, and an off-center steering wheel are all red flags. Bent or broken steering components will be discovered during a yearly alignment check at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego.

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