Are You In Need of Suspension Service in San Diego CA?

Do I Need New Shocks or Struts for My San Diego Car?

You may feel that the quality of your ride has started to wane compared to what it was even a few months ago. If this sounds familiar, it is important that you know how to check if the shock absorbers or struts in your vehicle are in good working order. The team of qualified technicians at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego have compiled a list of tips to help you do just that. 

Observe From The Front

Park your vehicle on a flat surface in a way that looks perfectly level. This means that both sides should be the same distance from the ground. If you understand the specification of the suspension, you can measure the height to see if it matches up. If the height is below or at the minimum specified by your vehicle manufacturer, then it is probably a good sign that you should bring your car to a quality auto repair shop in San Diego for an immediate inspection and evaluation. 

Push Down On The Front

Do I Need New Shocks or Struts for My San Diego Car?This is not exactly a scientific test, but it is something that can be useful when you do it in combination with other inspections. In order to perform this test, you will have to stand in front of or behind your vehicle. You need to carefully place your foot on the bumper, or you can put your knee on a surface that will not bend or dent. Then, just push your weight onto the vehicle in a way that the car is pushed down and then quickly remove all weight. Your vehicle should spring back to its original position once, instead of being stiff or bouncing multiple times. If it bounces more than twice, it is a sign that there could be an issue with the shock absorbers or struts. Again, it is advised that you bring your car to your mechanic in San Diego for a free inspection.

Visual Inspection

You should carefully search for signs of liquid running down from the shock absorbers or struts. It can be a potential sign of wear, and after the seals start to leak, it is likely time for a replacement. Routine shock and strut replacement are key to the longevity of your vehicle and passenger comfort. It can also be a potential safety concern as the steering and control of your vehicle may be impacted. 

Auto Repair Shop San Diego

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