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Do I Need Battery and Alternator Repair in San Diego?

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we have discussed many topics involving batteries, including how often you should change your car’s battery, but the battery is really only one of the components within your car’s charging system. It is not even the most crucial. The most pivotal component of your vehicle’s charging system is actually the alternator. 

Alternator Essentials

What is the alternator and what does it do? Well, it is a mechanical device connected to the engine that runs off your car’s serpentine belt. The alternator will spin as your engine runs, converting the mechanical energy into electrical power, which is used to power features such as the lights, radio, and more inside your car. 

All batteries have a full-charge output of an estimated 12 volts, and that is more than enough to power your car. However, when your motor is running, your alternator is actually creating more voltage — sometimes up to 15 volts — because of the demand that certain electrical systems in your vehicle require. When an alternator does not work as it should, many of your power options, including windows and locks, will not work properly. Not only that but our headlights or dash may seem dim while you’re on the road. 

Common Reasons for a Bad Alternator

Do I Need Battery and Alternator Repair in San Diego?There are some reasons that alternators may go out, but bearing failure is the leading cause of the death of an alternator in a San Diego vehicle. A bearing failure is essentially an internal problem that causes the rotor inside the alternator to stop stopping, and this is what converts the mechanical energy into electrical power. This can be the result of dirt or debris that ends up inside the alternator, or it could just be due to wear and tear from years of use. When your alternator goes bad, it will make a loud noise with the potential for grinding sounds as well. 

If you have a bad alternator, depending on the case, you may be shocked to know that many alternators only cost a few hundred dollars to replace at your local auto repair shop in San Diego, and this usually includes a new serpentine belt and labor costs. 

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our team of auto mechanics in San Diego can check, diagnose, or replace your alternator no matter what kind of car you drive. Come by or make an appointment today to see how we can help you get back on the road. 

Car Battery Replacement San Diego

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