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Do I Need Alignment San Diego Service?

If your car pulls to one side, you have an off-center steering wheel, your tires are wearing unevenly, or your vehicle just isn’t handling how it should, you may have an alignment problem. When the wheels on your car are lined up with each other, your car is in alignment. Certain things like hitting a pothole or some other object on the roadway can cause your vehicle to be knocked out of alignment. At this point, your wheels will start to drift in differing directions, causing an array of issues. 

Never Drive with Poor Alignment

When you drive out of alignment for an extended period of time, your tires will wear more than they should and unevenly, and this can increase the risk of an accident and contribute to expensive repairs. Poor alignment means you will have to change your tires sooner, and it can also accelerate the wear and tear on your suspension system, which can cost a pretty penny to fix.  

For all cars, front-wheel alignment is adjustable, while the rear-wheels are only adjustable on certain vehicles. The first alignment is known as toe, followed by camber. Lastly, there is castor. You need an auto mechanic in San Diego who understands the alignment settings to improve handling and overall safety. 

When you check your alignment, there are a few steps. There will be an inspection of the steering and suspension to see if there is anything broken. After that, the conditions of your tires will be examined. AT that point, the car will be put on an alignment rack where an initial reading will be taken. All four wheels will be lined up parallel to the center of the car is all are adjustable. However, if the back wheels cannot be adjusted, the auto repair shop San Diego will align the front wheels to match the rear wheels. 

When to Check Your Alignment

Do I Need Alignment San Diego Service?The vehicle manufacturer has a recommended mileage interval for checking your alignment. However, if you hit a curb or pothole, you should look out for any signs that you may have knocked your wheels out of alignment, such as pulling to one side when you drive. You should have your alignment inspected before waiting to find out if your tread is wearing unevenly. 

You can extend the longevity of your tires and suspension components with regular alignment inspections, and it can help ensure that your tires are up to the task of performance and safety. 

Alignment Shop San Diego

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