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Do I Need a New Clutch?

The clutch is the most crucial component of your manual transmission. Without it, you won’t be able to change gears. When your clutch needs to be adjusted or replaced in the Southern California area, the auto mechanics in San Marcos at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can help.

The sooner you treat the issue, the more probable it is that a clutch adjustment will fix it. Otherwise, if you continue to drive your car, the clutch will wear down much more and will need to be replaced. Let’s take a look at the indicators that your clutch is failing.

Issues Accelerating

If your car hesitates while you accelerate, it’s a sign that the clutch is slipping and the power isn’t being correctly transferred from the engine to the transmission. This power is used by the transmission to assist the driveshaft in turning the wheels. Your wheels will not go if the transmission does not receive power. As a result, your car will struggle to accelerate.

Burning Smell

Do I Need a New Clutch?

When you use a worn clutch, it will also smell hot. In this instance, the clutch will very certainly need to be changed because it is slipping and hence unable to transfer power as effectively as it should. You’ll recognize this stench if you recall how hot the clutch smelled when you first learned to drive with it. Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in San Marcos as soon as possible if you notice it.

Problems Shifting Gears

You will have trouble shifting gears if your clutch is having problems. This can include your vehicle refusing to shift into gear or shifting through the gear cycle with difficulty. It’s critical that you don’t try to drive your car if you’re experiencing trouble shifting gears. If you keep driving it, the gears and, as a result, your manual transmission will be damaged.

Squeaking Sounds

When you hear grinding, growling, or squeaking sounds emanating from the clutch or when shifting gears, it’s time to replace the clutch. When shifting gears, the only thing you should hear is the difference in your engine’s RPMs. Any other noises could indicate a problem with your transmission, clutch, or another component of your vehicle’s engine.

Soft Pedal

Finally, if your clutch seems soft or spongy, it may need to be adjusted. It shouldn’t be able to sink all the way to the ground. Rather, every time you use the clutch, you should feel the catch point, also known as the bite point, at the same spot. Bring your vehicle to our shop if this point shifts or the clutch feels unusually soft or firm.

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