Do I Need a Coolant Flush in my San Diego Car?

Do I Need a Coolant Flush in my San Diego Car?

Engine Scale

The most serious issue you will likely encounter if you fail to flush your cooling system is engine scale. The coolant in your car is meant to inhibit corrosion, but half of it is composed of water. Since your engine is made of steel, cast iron, and aluminum, there will tend to be corrosion. The older your coolant, the worse it is at reducing corrosion. You are able to drain your coolant system and check for corrosion where the radiator hoses connect to your engine and at your thermostat housing. 

If you have engine scale, you should have an auto mechanic in San Diego perform a coolant flush rather than draining and refilling your own cooling system in order to restore your system and prevent your car from overheating. 

Clogged Radiator or Heater Core

Do I Need a Coolant Flush in my San Diego Car?Corrosion and wear particles will build up over time, and they usually settle in your radiator and heater core. Both of these parts have small tubes that the coolant flows through to aid in heat transfer. These small tubes are easily clogged with particles and debris in your coolant, reducing heat transfer and can cause your car to overhear or your heater to blow cold air during the winter months. If this clog worsens over time, you may have to replace the radiator or heater core, which can be pricey. Performing a coolant system flush early on can increase the longevity of these parts. 

Cooling System Leaks

Small metal particles in your cooling system can increase wear on gaskets, seals, and hoses, resulting in leaks. Flushing your coolant system then adding new, clean coolant will reduce the sediment in your system and reduce potential leaks in your engine. 

Broken Thermostat

Also, these particles can wear down components in your thermostat or become stuck in the valve. This can cause your thermostat to become stuck. In either case, this will result in issues with your coolant system and can increase wear and tear or even damage your engine. 

Water Pump Issues

Lastly, these same particles will also erode the blades of your water pump impeller. This along with the lack of anti-corrosion chemicals in your coolant can leave you with an ineffective water pump that is unable to move coolant through your engine and radiator. Replacing the water pump can be an expensive job, so to save you some money, you should flush your coolant system frequently with the help of a trusted auto mechanic in San Diego

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