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Do I Have a Bad Fuel Pump?

Nothing destroys a day more quickly than problems with your car. You get in ready to go to work or run some errands and find that the engine refuses to start. The lights are all turned on. The gas tank is full. You are not quite sure what the problem is. It may not be too hard to pinpoint the issue. 

If your car still will not start, you may have a faulty fuel pump or another fuel system problem. 

How to Prevent a Bad Pump

Fuel pumps are now designed to endure a long period of time. However, they do break down from time to time. Here are some suggestions for extending the life of your fuel pump:

  • Use only high-quality gasoline
  • Always keep more than a quarter tank of gas in your car
  • Follow the factory’s recommended routine maintenance schedule

Signs of a Bad Pump

Do I Have a Bad Fuel Pump?The warning flags below may indicate a defective fuel pump or similar fuel system problem. If you’re having any of these problems, make an appointment with your local auto repair shop in La Mesa for a diagnostic service.

  • Engine Misfire. An engine that sputters or misfires is indicating a problem with the fuel delivery system. Other typical indicators are hesitancy while accelerating or difficulty sustaining higher speeds.
  • Failing to Start. There are a variety of reasons why your automobile will not start. If you’ve ruled out a dead battery, a broken fuel pump might be the culprit. If the engine does not receive enough gasoline from the fuel tank, it will not start. Is there a whining noise coming from the gasoline tank? It might signify that the gasoline pump is failing or that it requires quick attention.
  • Impaired Gas Mileage. With a malfunctioning fuel pump, you may notice a decrease in fuel economy. When the engine gets too much gasoline, the extra is squandered, resulting in the use of more gas than is required. If you’re filling your gas tank more frequently than normal, make an appointment with your mechanic for a diagnostic service.
  • Overheating Engine. When an engine receives too much or too little gasoline, it must work harder to keep running. A malfunctioning fuel pump can overheat, causing the engine to overheat as well. The temperature indicator on the dashboard may rise as a result of the increased load on the engine. It can also cause the Check Engine Light to come on. Bring your car in to have it checked by an auto mechanic in La Mesa if the check engine light comes on so that they can identify the problem.

Auto Repair in La Mesa

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