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DIY Air Conditioner Regassing in San Diego: Pros & Cons

When your vehicle air conditioning system needs regassing, you have two primary options: fix it yourself or take it into a specialist. This article will examine some of the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. 

San Diego DIY Air Conditioning Regas

DIY Air Conditioner San Diego Regassing: Pros & ConsYou can regas your own air conditioning system right on your own driveway, and you can even buy special kits that can help you during the entire process. These starter kits are made to perform the job, so after you have found the right AC refrigerant inlet and set up the equipment, it should be a fairly easy job. 

However, there are many potential downsides and other things that you should consider about regassing your vehicle’s AC on your own. Firstly, DIY regassing kits can be costly, so by the time you have put forward the money to buy one, you may have been better off just having it done by a professional. Refrigerant can also be dangerous to handle, and you could easily end up with a freeze burn if it comes in contact with your skin. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the chances of the AC system springing a leak, which you could miss if you regas the system on your own. If you put new refrigerant into a leaky system, you are at risk of passing refrigerant straight into the open air, which could result in a monetary fine under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990. 

Should I Have a Professional Regassing?

In the past, it was difficult to locate an auto technician with experience fixing air conditioning systems, but now, most vehicles have AC. This means that most auto repair shop San Diego CA offers air conditioner maintenance and servicing, and it is not as expensive as you may think. 

Depending on where you take your vehicle, a professional regassing should cost somewhere around $120 to $150, on average. The shop should offer a free diagnosis on air conditioning repair San Diego before doing any work, and it will also be able to check your system for leaks, which will save you troubles later on that would have been missed if you regassed it own your own. Mechanics use a refrigerant with a dye formula so it is able to see exactly where the gas is leaking in the system. 

AC Installation San Diego

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