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Common Signs of a Leaking Vacuum Hose

People don’t really think too much about their vehicle’s vacuum hoses until they start to leak. A vacuum hose leak isn’t exactly a common problem. That is why it often doesn’t come to mind to most people. As a result, if your vehicle, truck, or SUV develops a vacuum leak in the engine, you’ll notice it because you’ll notice the four symptoms described below. 

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Problems with Engine Performance

Certain components of your vehicle’s engine are powered by vacuum pressure. The power steering pump is an example of a component that is powered by the engine vacuum. You might find that some of your components, such as your power steering, aren’t functioning properly. A vacuum leak, as well as engine performance and acceleration concerns, might cause this. At high speeds, your engine will splutter. Your acceleration will also start to slow.

Unpredictable RPMs

Common Signs of a Leaking Vacuum Hose

The tachometer on your dashboard indicates a vacuum leak in the engine. If you keep your eye on the needle, you’ll see that it’s always high or bounces up and down due to a vacuum leak. This is because the air seeping from the vacuum hose raises the RPMs of your engine. A steady leak compared to an unstable leak is the distinction between the two sorts of needle locations.

Strange Noises

Strange noises are another indicator that your engine’s suction hose is leaking. You might hear hissing, screeching, or suction in particular. The volume of the noise is determined by the severity of the leak. If you have a slight vacuum leak, for example, you might not notice the hissing at all. Vacuum leaks that are larger tend to generate more noise. When your household vacuum is running, the noise sounds a lot like the hose on your vacuum.

Check Engine Light

Finally, a leaky vacuum hose in your engine will cause a check engine light to illuminate. This is because a vacuum leak raises the amount of air in your engine to dangerously high levels. As a result, sensors in the engine will communicate an error to the main computer chip, causing the check engine light to illuminate.

If you think that you have a problem with your engine, it’s time to have your vehicle checked out at a trusted auto repair shop in San Diego. The auto technicians at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego are here to help you get back on the road. 

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