Reasons That Your Car Won’t Start in the San Diego Heat

Common San Diego Auto Maintenance Myths

Unnecessary maintenance does you no good and will not extend the longevity of your vehicle. To make matters worse, it will also cost you a ton of money.

The team of auto mechanic San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has compiled a list of the three most common auto maintenance myths.

Myth 1: You Should Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles

The real truth is that while it can be a good estimate, engine technology has vastly improved in recent years. Most vehicles are now able to go many more miles before requiring an oil change. New synthetic oils can go up to 15,000 miles before they need to be changed. 

Why is the old 3,000 mile rule still around, anyway? Well, the more technology changes, there are chances that a dishonest mechanic or dealership may try to overcharge you. Those who do not read their owner’s manual may be unsure. You should always consult with your manual to see when to change your oil. 

Myth 2: You Need Fuel Additives to Prevent a Clog in Your Engine

Common San Diego Auto Maintenance Myths San Diego?The truth is that gas does do contain a lot of materials that can log your engine. However. It is also true that, since 1995, gasoline manufacturers implemented new measures to require cleansers and other products to gasoline to prevent clogs. This means that adding more additives is unnecessary. 

It is not going to clean the gas any more than it already is. At the same time, there is no real need to add any antifreeze to your gas tank because gas will not freeze until it reaches around -40 degrees Fahrenheit, which never happens here in San Diego. 

Myth 3: Warm Up Your Car In Cold Weather to Prevent Damaging the Engine

There is some truth in this myth — just like most myths. There are some components of the engine that do need some time to warm up before they can function properly. In fact, it may take longer for an idling engine to warm up than a working engine. 

An idling vehicle does help warm the engine, but it does not warm up the transmission. 

These three myths have been around for a long time. Changes in technology and how vehicles are made have made them pretty irrelevant today. What was once common sense for auto maintenance is now defunct after many years of change. Take your car to a local auto repair shop in San Diego to see what maintenance your vehicle needs. 

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