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Common Reasons Your San Diego Car AC Is Not Working

Your Vehicle Is Leaking Coolant

A coolant leak can happen at any time in the air conditioning process, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact area of the leak. The most common locations where AC leaks are found include places at the unit hose connections. 

In some cases, it is possible to see an oily substance accumulating around these areas, and this is usually due to a leak. Your mechanic San Diego can use a sealant designed for air condition units in order to close the leak. 

Blocked Condenser

The condenser of your car’s air condition unit is meant to re-cool hot refrigerant after it has been compressed. This is accomplished using the airflow from the front of your vehicle while you drive. If the condenser is blocked by some sort of debris from the roadway, then it will be unable to cool the coolant properly, and your vehicle’s system will operate with overheated coolant. This will lead to the AC unit only expelling hot air. 

The Condenser is Broken

If there does not seem to be anything blocking the AC condenser, it is likely that it could be broken entirely. A broken condenser can be the cause of a puncture due to roadway debris going through the grill of your vehicle and damaging the component, or it could be due to equipment failure. 

Electrical Problems

Common Reasons Your San Diego Car AC Is Not WorkingElectrical problems are likely the most difficult issue to diagnose regarding an AC unit that ceases to work. Initially, a visual inspection of the wiring should be completed to see if any wires are broken or frayed. 

Faulty Cooling Fans

When fans are not working properly, your condenser may not be cooled properly. This can lead to your vehicle emitting only hot air over time. The best way to check to see if the cooling fan is broken is by a visual inspection. 

The Compressor Has Gone Bad

Your compressor keeps your car’s AC in constant motion. Without it, the coolant is unable to circulate through the system, and you will never receive any cool air. The most common cause of a compressor going bad is due to long periods of time without use. Lack of use has a tendency to shock the system when it is used again, like in the spring or summer months after being unused throughout the winter. 

Air Conditioning Repair San Diego

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