Common Reasons for Fluid on Your Shock Absorbers

Common Reasons for Fluid on Your Shock Absorbers

Your shock absorbers are leaking if they are covered in an oily fluid. This is a sign that the shocks need to be replaced. The shocks are a component of your vehicle’s suspension, and we will go over the signs of suspension issues further down. Shock absorbers that are oily are just one sign that your suspension needs to be serviced. Other signs of a suspension problem are listed below:

Low-Sitting Corner

You may notice that one of your car’s, truck’s, or utility vehicle’s corners is lower than the others. This indicates that the wheel’s suspension spring is broken. When you drive over bumps in the road, you will hear loud clunking noises in addition to the low-sitting corner. When the suspension spring broke, you may have heard a loud clunk.


Your vehicle’s momentum is prevented by the shocks. The struts also aid in stopping any motion. It is time to replace both the struts and shocks if your vehicle’s body tilts to the side when turning corners, lunges forward when stopping, or lunges backward when accelerating. Like a broken suspension spring, worn struts and shocks can make clunking noises.

Steering Issues

Common Reasons for Fluid on Your Shock Absorbers

The steering system in your car is part of the suspension. Unless you turn the steering wheel, your suspension is designed to go straight. The steering system should be inspected if you are having trouble controlling your vehicle because the steering wheel is not responding, or if you hear groaning or squealing sounds when turning the steering wheel.

Pulling to One Side

Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to go straight unless you turn the steering wheel. Your wheels need to be realigned if your vehicle pulls away from a simple motion and you have to constantly correct it. Wheels are aligned every two years on average. However, if they’ve been knocked out of alignment, they will need to be realigned.

Bumpy Rides

Finally, an uncomfortable ride in your car is a sign that your shocks and struts need to be replaced. The shocks and struts are not absorbing the uneven pavement if your vehicle can no longer drive smoothly over rough roads and you feel every bump in the passenger cabin.

When you are in need of expert advice, always seek the advice of a qualified auto mechanic or technician at a local repair shop who has worked on similar issues in the past. 

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