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Common Noises & Vibrations and What They May Mean For Your Car

It is never a good sign if your car begins to make strange noises or vibrates excessively. Your car is a complex working system, and when it begins to malfunction, it is your car’s way of informing you that something is not quite right. Depending on where they come from, certain noises can indicate specific problems.

Why Is My Car Making Strange Noises or Vibrating? 

Vibrations can come from a variety of sources, including a faulty brake system or suspension system. Some common noises you may hear include: 

  • Squeaking, screeching, or grinding when braking
  • Sputtering or rattling exhaust sounds from under the vehicle
  • Chirping or squealing noise from under the hood
  • Humming, growling, or roaring noise while driving

It is critical that you write down exactly what you are experiencing and when you are experiencing it before bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Understanding when and why your vehicle makes a strange noise or vibrates will aid an auto mechanic in determining the source of the problem. When you apply the brakes and hear a loud grinding noise, this is usually an indication that your brake pads are worn out and there is metal-to-metal contact. It is important to pay attention to the symptoms and have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Common Noises & Vibrations and What They May Mean For Your Car

Questions to Ask Yourself 

There are some important questions that you need to ask yourself when you hear a strange noise or vibration:

  • What is the source of the noise or vibration?
  • What is the current state of the weather outside?
  • Have you recently started driving or has your car been running for some time when you noticed these symptoms?
  • When do you typically hear or feel these symptoms?
  • Is it possible to make it happen on demand?
  • What can you do to make the problem repeat itself?

Vibrations can be triggered by a variety of factors. If you notice that your vehicle only vibrates when you accelerate, it could be a sign of an exhaust leak. A shaky steering wheel while driving is a clear sign that your car needs to be aligned. You might notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side as well. When you apply the brakes, you may notice vibrations that indicate warped rotors.

Whatever you’re going through, make a list of your symptoms and tell an expert auto mechanic exactly what you are hearing and feeling. That way you can make sure the problem is dealt with as soon as possible. 

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