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Common Car Exhaust System Issues

You could have an exhaust system problem if you notice loud sounds coming from your vehicle. A hole in the muffler or a leaking exhaust manifold gasket will make your engine extremely loud. The problem can be solved by replacing either part. This is just one symptom of a problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Here are some more indicators.

Loss of Power

Exhaust systems can clog and leak if not maintained properly. When this happens, your vehicle’s acceleration and engine power will be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, a clogged exhaust system causes exhaust to fill the combustion chamber. This reduces the power of your vehicle. By filling the engine with exhaust gases, a leaking exhaust system reduces the vehicle’s power.

Reduced Gas Mileage

Your engine will burn through the gasoline or diesel fuel more quickly as it struggles to run and provide the power you require. As a result, you will notice a drop in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Unfortunately, until the exhaust system is repaired, you will continue to get poor gas mileage. An auto mechanic can inspect and repair your exhaust system at an auto repair shop if there is a problem.

Burning Odor

Common Car Exhaust System IssuesA leaking exhaust manifold gasket can make your engine sound louder than usual. A leaking gasket can also cause your engine to overheat and emit burning odors. The exhaust leaking from the exhaust manifold gasket is extremely hot. This exhaust will melt anything in its vicinity that is prone to melting. Rubber and plastic engine parts are included in this category.

Damage to the Tailpipe

A damaged exhaust system is sometimes noticeable because the tailpipe is damaged. If you look at your tailpipe, you might notice that it has holes in it, is dented, or is hanging too low beneath your car. We may be able to rehang the tailpipe if it is still in good condition. An auto mechanic may have to replace the tailpipe if it is damaged.

Smelly Gas

Finally, your passenger cabin could be a sign that your exhaust system is malfunctioning. Your exhaust system is either leaking or clogged if you detect gasoline or diesel fuel smells in the cabin. If you can smell exhaust inside the passenger compartment, do not drive your car.

Whatever you’re going through, make a list of your symptoms and tell an expert auto mechanic exactly what you are hearing and feeling. That way you can make sure the problem is dealt with as soon as possible. That way you can stop a problem before it grows into a serious issue. 

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