How Does Ash Impact Your Air Filter in San Diego CA?

Clean Out Your Car’s San Diego CA Fuel System

Every now and then, your car’s fuel system will need a cleaning. This is extremely important for a variety of reasons. Of course, you need fuel to get anywhere in a car — unless you’re driving electric — and the cleaner your fuel system is, the more efficiently fuel will burn, resulting in greater power and increased fuel economy

The Importance of a Clean Fuel Filter 

To put it simply: a clean fuel system will save you some cash at the pump. To make sure your fuel system stays clean, one of the most crucial things you can do is to purchase high-quality gasoline. All the major brands contain detergents that prevent varnish and grime from building up in the system. 

That means buying cheaper gas may cost you more down the road. The majority of vehicles on San Diego roads are more than five or six years old, meaning enough time has passed for some dirt and rust to gather in the fuel system. Before it reaches the engine, all this grime needs to be filtered out, and that’s where the fuel filter enters the equation.

Clean Out Your Car’s San Diego CA Fuel System

The contaminated fuel will pass the filter and enter into the engine when the filter has been clogged with dirt, and at this point, it can clog fuel injectors and cylinders. This can do some significant damage. With that in mind, you should change your fuel filter at the recommended intervals with the help of an auto repair shop in San Diego. You can flip through your owner’s manual or contact a trusted auto technician if you think your fuel filter is overdue for a replacement. 

The fuel will then travel into the throttle body, another area where rust and gunk can collect. A professional fuel system cleaning will utilize specialized cleaning chemicals and tried-and-true swagging to clear out the throttle body. This leaves the fuel injectors as the final destination. 

Fuel injectors need to be kept clean, as they deliver a certain amount of fuel at the right time, in a particular pattern. If they are dirty, they aren’t up to the task, and a dirty fuel injector can really diminish power while wasting fuel in the process. 

Clean Your Fuel Filter at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

If you don’t know when you last cleaned your fuel filter, then it may be time. Bring your car to an auto mechanic in San Diego to make sure your car stays running longer. 

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