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Check Your Engine Air Filter During Your Next San Diego CA Oil Change

Many times when we go in for an oil change, the auto technician will recommend replacing the air filter. Most people will say just say sure without really understanding why it was needed in the first place. 

Replacing a dirty air filter is the right choice for any smart car owner in San Diego CA. You should never be afraid to ask questions while having service performed at your local auto repair shop in San Diego. In the end, you are spending your hard-earned money, and you deserve to understand what you’re paying for. 

What Does the Engine Air Filter Do?

When you look outside, what do you see? Is there smog? What about pollen or dust? If you have allergies, you know that there are many particles floating around that we just can’t see. That is where the engine air filter comes in. Its job is to clean the air before it gets into the engine and is burned with the fuel. Without the air filter, the inside of your engine would become extremely backed-up due to debris burned in the cylinders. 

The numbers speak for themselves. For roughly every gallon of gas burned, your engine needs upward of 12,000 gallons of air, meaning that the air filter has a huge task. With so much air coming and going, air filters tend to get dirty fast — needing to be replaced. When the filter becomes contaminated, it isn’t able to clean air as intended. The air is also unable to move freely, impacting the entire flow of the engine. This means that fuel cannot be burned efficiently, decreasing your car’s overall fuel economy, and no one wants to waste gas at these prices. 

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter? 

Check Your Engine Air Filter During Your Next San Diego CA Oil ChangeYour vehicle manufacturer recommends that you change your filter regularly. There are many driving conditions that may impact how often you should replace your filter. If you drive in an area with high levels of pollution or dust in the air, you will likely need to change your filter more frequently. The filter can be inspected easily by an auto mechanic in San Diego. Your technician can recommend a replacement or just let you know that it may need to be changed soon. 

The better your vehicle is able to breathe, the better it will run. You don’t have to worry when you take your car into Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. We will make sure your car is running at peak efficiency. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego 

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