Check Up On Your Vehicle Fleet at Our Auto Repair Shop in San Diego

Check Up On Your Vehicle Fleet at Our Auto Repair Shop in San Diego

Your fleet’s performance will be determined by how well you maintain it. To ensure that the cars are safe and dependable, a number of critical tests and services must be performed on a regular basis. Your fleet drivers will be pleased if your cars are safer and more dependable. Keeping your drivers satisfied boosts their output. Automobile Repair Shop San Diego services and repairs fleet vehicles in collaboration with fleet management. Here are a few of the tests and auto maintenance in San Diego services we perform to ensure that the cars are in good working order.

Car Battery

Checking the batteries on a frequent basis guarantees that they are still charging. This keeps your drivers from being stranded in the case of a dead battery. We also look over the battery casings for any bulging, bubbling, or damaged areas. Battery corrosion shows that the battery is leaking acid and has to be replaced. We’ll also replace your batteries after they’ve reached the end of their useful life, which is generally three years or more.

Brake Inspections

The braking system is the most essential safety feature on your fleet of cars. It is typically suggested that the braking systems be examined every 12,000 miles. Inspection of the brakes sooner is a good idea for fleet cars that perform a lot of stop-and-go driving. When your drivers are behind the wheel, they rely on the brakes to keep them safe.

Check Up On Your Vehicle Fleet at Our Auto Repair Shop in San Diego

Fluid Checks

Fluid level inspections, as well as belt and hose checks, are essential for your fleet vehicles. Low fluid levels can do a lot of harm to an engine, especially if the coolant or oil levels are low. Belts, particularly timing belts, should be examined on a regular basis, and hoses should be inspected for cracks and wear and tear at least once a year.

Oil Changes

Because your drivers put a lot of miles on them every day, your fleet cars will require frequent oil changes. It’s critical that you don’t scrimp on oil changes. This exposes the vehicles’ engines to severe damage that is extremely costly to fix. Make sure your fleet cars’ oil is changed every 3,000 miles.

Tire Inspections

Finally, tire inspections allow us to examine the tire’s air pressure as well as the tread for uneven wear. It also allows us to check the sides of the tires for unusual features like bulging and cracking.

Our collision repair specialists in San Diego are fleet vehicle maintenance specialists. Call us now to talk about your fleet servicing and repair requirements.

Auto Repair in San Diego

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