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Cheap & Easy PCV Valve Replacement in San Diego

Your engine is powered by the energy released by igniting fuel. However, some of the gases from the combustion leak into the crankcase, which is the lowest section of the engine. Your engine oil is stored in the crankcase, and nearly  70% of these gases are unburned gasoline. Allowing the fumes to remain in the crankcase would rapidly pollute the oil and convert it to sludge. Sludge is your engine’s worst enemy and can clog it up over time, eventually causing costly breakdowns. Seals and gaskets could also blow out due to the increased pressure. As a result, these gases must be released. That’s why it is important to have this area checked at an auto repair shop in San Diego

The History of PCV Valves in San Diego Cars

The toxic fumes from gasoline engines were once easily vented into the air through a hose. Gas engines were required to have a specific one-way valve fitted by the federal government in 1963 to minimize hazardous emissions. These valves are not necessary for diesel engines.

The PCV valve, or positive crankcase ventilation, sends crankcase gases directly into the air intake system, where they are burned once more in the engine. A breather tube allows fresh, clean air to enter the crankcase. It’s a really basic system, yet it serves an important purpose. Sludge is avoided by removing moisture and combustion residue from the crankcase with recirculated air. This not only increases the life of your oil but also the life of your engine. The PCV prevents oil leaks by releasing pressure in the crankcase.

Cleaning Out the PCV Valve

Cheap & Easy PCV Valve Replacement in San DiegoThe PCV valve can become clogged over time. The engine will therefore be unable to circulate sufficient air to keep the engine running efficiently. Oil leaks, excessive oil consumption, and a clogged intake system are all possibilities if the PCV valve is sufficiently stuck. It might be a symptom of PCV valve issues if you notice reluctance, surging, or an oil leak. Your owner’s handbook may specify when the PCV valve needs to be replaced, which is generally between 20,000 and 50,000 miles.

Now you’ll understand what your auto mechanic in San Diego means when he says it’s time to replace your PCV valve. If you’ve owned your car for a while and have never heard of a PCV valve, have your technician check it out or call Automobile Repair Shop San Diego.

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