Do I Have a Bad Fuel Pump?

Do I Have a Bad Fuel Pump?

Nothing destroys a day more quickly than problems with your car. You get in ready to go to work or run some errands and find that the engine refuses to start. The lights are all turned on. The gas tank is full. You are not quite sure what the problem is. It may not be […]

Signs Of Much Needed Auto Repair

Signs Of Much-Needed Auto Repair

Warning Signs of Auto Maintenance Keeping our cars in excellent shape will ensure that their value stays high and that they continue to be dependable, but our daily life can get in the way, keeping us occupied with jobs, family, and other responsibilities. Here are some typical signs that you are overdue for a repair […]

How to Handle an Overheating Vehicle

How to Handle an Overheating Vehicle

Overheating your engine can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of these are rather regular problems in the greater San Diego area. This is particularly true on hot summer days.  Poor Coolant Circulation The engine will overheat if the antifreeze mixture is not circulated properly. This combination keeps your engine cool in the […]

Signs It’s Time for Suspension Repair

Signs That it’s Time for Suspension Repair

We often take our vehicle’s suspension system for granted. However, after sustaining several tons of metal year after year, the shocks would ultimately wear out, necessitating suspension maintenance. Some individuals assume that because the suspension is primarily concerned with providing a smooth ride, that these fixes are not as critical as other maintenance issues such […]

The Typical Cost of a Car Repair Bill

What is the Average Cost of Auto Repair?

Keeping Up with Auto Repair Car owners are constantly putting off routine maintenance tasks. This can result in difficulties down the road. In Southern California, the failure to keep up with necessary auto maintenance in Encinitas could increase the expense of repairs even more. According to a study from the American Automobile Association, one-third of […]