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Car Suspension Tips for a Smoother Ride

Vehicle suspension is a crucial component of your car. It ensures that your vehicle remains balanced, stable, and is able to react to maneuvers while you’re on the road. The suspension system is one of the less obvious systems in your vehicle, but it is one of the hardest-working. Without proper suspension, your vehicle’s safety and comfort will be greatly compromised. The team of quality auto mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego wants to make sure that you understand how this essential system works to keep your ride smooth. 

What Is Vehicle Suspension?

Car Suspension Tips for a Smoother RideThe suspension system includes the tires, springs, and shock absorbers that connect the car body to the wheels. The suspension system performs two key functions: assisting with your vehicle’s handling and braking and providing a comfortable ride for you and your passenger. Without proper suspension, the car would be at risk of overturning and passengers would experience a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. 

The vehicle manufacturers have utilized differing kinds of suspensions over the years, including:

  • leaf springs
  • torsion beam suspensions
  • springs (coiled)
  • air springs
  • various gas/hydraulic fluid pressure systems. 

Suspension systems can be chosen and modified depending on how you will be using the vehicle, such as standard, commercial, racing, or off-road. 

Do I Need California Suspension Repair?

You may not be certain how your vehicle suspension works, but you should be able to identify when the suspension system is not working properly or needs to be replaced. 

The following are some early warning signs that may show your vehicle’s suspension is in need of repair:

  • The vehicle rides roughly. You feel bumps and dips in the road much greater than you did before.
  • The vehicle drifts, pulls, or leans to one side while making a turn. 
  • Your vehicle will dip forward when stopping or squat when accelerating. 
  • The shocks or struts are noticeably greasy. This may be a sign that there is a fluid leak in the suspension system. 
  • Vibrations or tire noise
  • Visible damage to any suspension components
  • Uneven tire tread

If you think that your vehicle’s suspension system is in need of repair, it is advised that you schedule an appointment with a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego to have it inspected right away. Addressing any issues right away can avoid more damage to the system and prevent a major breakdown or accident. Suspension issues are usually caused by alignment and steering problems, so you should have all of these checked in order to ensure maximum vehicle safety. 

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