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Brake Safety Is a Key Part of Auto Repair in San Diego

We all know that good brakes are crucial to your car’s overall health. It can be a terrifying experience your brakes give out while driving in San Diego.  

Signs of Brake Problems

One of the first indicators that something is wrong with your brakes is a strange sound, whether it be a squeal, chatter, or grinding noise. 

There are brake pads with a piece of metal embedded in them that tend to squeal when the brake pads have become worn down. This is an early warning that you need your brakes serviced at an auto repair shop in San Diego

If you hear a weird sound, you should make an appointment at  Automobile Repair Shop San Diego right away. 

If you hear a grinding sound, it usually means that the brake pad is worn away completely, exposing the metal components that rub against the metal brake rotor. This will probably mean that the rotor is damaged and will need to be repaired. 

Brake Maintenance and Repair in San Diego

Brake Safety Is a Key Part of Auto Repair in San DiegoThere are some decisions to make when you are looking for a brake pad replacement. You can always go with the same set of pads that came stock on your vehicle, which can provide the same expected performance as when it came out of the factory. 

However, you can also choose to go with a budget brake pad. Some drivers like to go with a low-cost option, which is okay if that is what your budget requires. Ultimately, there will be some trade-offs with a lower quality product. Cheaper pads tend to be noisier, which you will have to deal with when you apply the brakes. 

Then, there is a premium brake pad, with higher performance and specifications than stock pads. These will provide quieter operation, create less dust, and allow you to have greater stopping power. 

Rotors are the discs that are pressed by the brake pad in order to stop the car. If you’ve been driving with worn brake pads for an extended period of time, your rotors probably have grooves scratched into them. The rotor can be resurfaced with shallow grooves. 

Brake fluid is one thing that often goes overlooked. Your vehicle manufacturer likely has a recommended schedule interval for getting rid of old brake fluid, cleaning the system, and refilling it with clean fluid. 

If you suspect an issue with your brakes or notice any warning signs, you should have your brakes inspected by an auto mechanic in San Diego

Brake Repair San Diego

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