How Can I Tell If My Brakes Are Going Bad?

Important Auto Maintenance Before a Road Trip

The best way to plan and execute a perfect road trip is to remove the worry of potential car problems. That is why it is recommended that you perform certain types of maintenance before heading out on the road. 

Check Your Tires

Check to see if each set of tires is still in good condition. Tires are more prone to blowouts in hot weather, so make sure they are properly inflated. Overinflated tires can cause more slipping on the highway during a rainstorm, while underinflated tires can put a strain on the rest of your car’s wheel components. In fact, if your tires are either underinflated or overinflated, they are at risk of premature and excessive wear. This shortens their lifespan and forces you to buy new tires much sooner than you should.

This is also a good time to make sure your tires are not too worn. Put a penny in the grooves of your tire with Lincoln’s head facing down to accomplish this. Your tires are good to go if the grooves hide Lincoln’s head. Consider replacing them before your trip if you can see his head.

Auto Maintenance to Perform Before a Trip

Even if you have all-season tires, you should inspect them for unevenness, cracks, or bubbles along the sidewalls, which could indicate that something is broken inside the tire. Check and maintain your spare tire as well, as an extra precaution.

Check Your Brakes

Brakes are used more frequently, and because of the drastic temperature changes that occur within the brake, your brake pads may take a beating. Brakes heat up when used and quickly cool down. Examine the brake pads if you are replacing your tires. Make an appointment to have a second look if you notice discoloration or extreme wear and cracking along the edges.

Replace Fluids

While most modern vehicles have sensors for many of the fluids in your vehicle, it’s still a good idea to physically inspect them before a long drive. If your road trip is significantly longer, you may want to change some fluids, such as oil, which has a mileage requirement (4,000-5,000 miles for regular oil; 6,000 miles or more for synthetic oil). If it’s low and you have a long way to go before changing it, fill it up.

Auto Maintenance in San Diego

We have highly trained and experienced auto mechanics who would love to be your go-to auto repair shop for all things alignment. 

You will always need to know where to bring your car if you are experiencing any issues. Many car owners become overwhelmed when a problem arises with their vehicle, and for good reason. We depend on our cars to get where we are going, and we need to make sure it stays in good shape. For many years, Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has provided high-quality auto repair in San Diego. Call (619) 330-0862 right away to learn more about how we can help you with your auto maintenance. We look forward to seeing you soon!