Understanding the Difference Between Major and Minor Auto Repair

ASE Auto Mechanics in San Diego

ASE Certified Auto Mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

Mechanic shops in San Diego that carry the ASE Blue Seal have highly trained, certified mechanics on staff. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a non-profit organization that offers training and testing intended to improve the overall quality of repair shops and mechanics nationwide. 

The Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition program only highlights the highest quality auto repair shops in San Diego CA, and the symbol shows that the shop only recruits the most-skilled employees supposed by training. Having ASE-certification can help an auto repair shop stand out from the rest and show that the quality of work completed there is high. 

Automobile Repair Shop San Diego only employers ASE Master Automobile Technicians. These mechanics San Diego have achieved certification in all eight categories if auto repair in order to achieve ASE certification:

  • Engine Repair
  • Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Manual Drive Train and Axles
  • Brakes, Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Heating and Air Conditioning, and 
  • Engine Performance.

About ASE Mechanic Certifications

ASE Auto Mechanics in San DiegoASE offers comprehensive training in all areas of auto repair, from the most basic services to the highest specialized areas. Their testing and certification procedures ensure that an auto mechanic San Diego has the skill and knowledge needed to provide high-quality work. Due to this commitment to high standards of auto repair, the ASE Blue Seal has become a symbol of trust for those searching for a professional, quality auto repair shop San Diego CA. 

A sign showing that an auto shop San Diego employes ASE certified mechanics is one of many things to consider when searching for high-quality, professional, reliable auto repair shops in San Diego. 

In order to qualify for an ASE certification, a mechanic or vehicle service professional in San Diego is required to complete at least two years of training on the job in a complete San Diego automotive service center, or a two-year automotive repair degree and one year working in a San Diego auto service center. 

The certification examinations require a thorough understanding of automotive theory. Only the most qualified and skilled mechanics are able to pass the test, which has a failure rate of one out of three. The tests are intended to build upon the San Diego mechanic’s knowledge. Lower level certifications must be passed before progressing on tom ore difficult or specialized certifications. 

Auto Mechanic San Diego

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