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Always Check Your Fluids During Auto Maintenance in San Diego

There are a number of products available when you walk through an auto parts store, and many car owners are unsure what they need for their vehicle. 

Fluids play a key role in making sure your car can run properly. Not only that, but there is a certain type of fluid that the systems in your car need, from the motor to the cooling system, and these are specified by your vehicle manufacturer. These recommendations can help make the shopping process a bit more manageable. 

Motor Oil Varieties

There are an array of different fluids you need in your car. As far as motor oil is concerned, manufacturers will match the properties of a particular type of oil with the needs of your car’s engine. For an engine with sophisticated valve trains, you will likely need thinner oil types. 

Certain cars come with synthetic oil that is recommended to be used for the lifetime of the vehicle. To stay safe, you should stick with the factory recommendations, as these are known to work. The type of oil you use will also impact your oil change interval schedule. 

Always Check Your Fluids During Auto Maintenance San Diegoel System

A high-quality oil will contain more additives designed to clean and protect the engine. While it may cost more, it provides extra protection and is worth it in the long run. If you choose to go with a more economic variety, you should plan to go in more frequently for an oil change in San Diego

Other Types of Fluids for Your San Diego Car

There are other kinds of fluid intended to meet the needs of a particular engine type, such as coolant. There are different materials used to construct the cooling system, meaning that the coolant has to be made to protect those components from corrosion. The type of coolant you need will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Transmission and brake fluids are no different. 

Fortunately, our auto repair shop in San Diego has a database that can inform us of the recommended fluid types for your car, taking out the guesswork. If you have unique needs for your vehicle, feel free to ask about any upgrades or additives that can still meet the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. 

During a full-service oil change, our team of auto technicians will top off your fluids. However, you should have some supplies at your home so you can do it yourself if you need to go on a trip. 

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