Common Causes of a Faulty Car A/C in San Diego CA

All You Need to Know About AC Repair in San Diego

The best way to see if your vehicle air conditioner is not working as it would is when it is not at the correct temperature. When your car’s AC system is not running properly, it can make your ride extremely uncomfortable. Even if you have a working AC unit in your car, it is always recommended that you have your vehicle serviced by an auto mechanic in San Diego if you are about to take a long drive with sunny weather. 

Typical Car AC Problems 

Your car’s air condition system is quite complicated, and it is likely one of the great improvements in motor vehicle history. There are many reasons why your vehicle’s AC system may not be working as it should. It could be due to a lack of airflow across the condenser. An air filter that has not been changed in some time can cause the air conditioner to work much harder than it should, meaning it will fail faster than you may expect. Another typical cause of improper coolant is a leak. If the AC system is leaking refrigerant, the leak should be repaired at a qualified auto repair shop in San Diego, and the refrigerant must be recharged. Due to the fact that Freon contributes to environmental issues, there are federal and state regulations that require auto repair shops to have the proper training and equipment to handle it. 

Older Cars Have Unique AC Repair Needs

All You Need to Know About AC Repair in San DiegoIf you drive a vehicle older than 1994, your vehicle’s refrigerant needs to be checked out by a qualified expert who understands how to properly recycle the material. In many states, it is illegal to refill a leaky air conditioning system with R-12. It is fairly easy to retrofit an older vehicle to accommodate the more eco-friendly refrigerant known as R-134a. If your vehicle has a leak, an auto technician can hook up the vehicle to a refrigerant system and rain any dangerous gases while inspecting for any cracks. The car’s AC system may have a faulty compressor. The compressor spins at rapid speeds and endures a lot of wear and tear. The more you use your car’s AC, the more likely it will fail. 

Fortunately, San Diego has a great climate, meaning you can always roll down your windows if you are in a pinch. The best way to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system in working order is to have it serviced annually. 

AC Repair San Diego

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