The Importance of a Vehicle Alignment in San Diego CA

All About San Diego Brake Repair

Driving in San Diego can really put some wear on your vehicle. During inclement weather, there are often slick roads that can contribute to unexpected stops. When the roadways are wet, your stopping distance is increased significantly due to the loss of friction on the road. In certain cases, water on your brake rotors can impair your ability to brake. When was the last time you inspected your rotors and brake pads for signs of wear at a nearby auto repair shop in San Diego?

Brake Pad Wear

Most brake pads have what are known as wear detectors. However, in some cases, those can be less than accurate, or your pads may not have them at all. In a full brake system inspection, a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego will take a look at the material left on your brake pads using a micrometer to ensure that your brake pads will stop in the event of an emergency. 

Brake Rotor Wear

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Not only do your brake rotors wear down over time, but they can also become extremely warped. If you have had an emergency stop or forgot to take your parking brake off, you may want to have your rotors checked for warping. If your rotors get too hot or the pressure from the brake pads is applied unevenly, they may have a wavy surface, reducing the friction that the pads apply to them. This increases your stopping time and distance significantly. 

Fluid Condition

Brake fluid will break down over time or gather various contaminants. When your fluid is not in optimal condition, it will impair your full brake system. If you apply pressure to the brake pedal and the fluid has broken down, you will have to put even more pressure to activate the brakes. This can contribute to further braking distances in the event of an emergency. 

Certain small components may wear down. Your brake system is made up of many parts. You need to inspect the hoses, pistons, and springs for any signs of wear or damage. When traveling on wet roadways, you will need to make sure that your brake system is in great working condition. The last thing you want or need is sudden brake failure. If you believe that your brakes are due for a full vehicle inspection, contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today to make sure your car is ready for the road. 

Brake Repair San Diego

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