Steps to Take After a Car Breakdown

Air Conditioner Maintenance in San Diego

Proper maintenance of your car’s air conditioning system involves always having enough refrigerant for the system to work properly. Even slight leaks in the air conditioning system can be enough for the refrigerant to escape, meaning that the system will not cool the air too well. This is a common problem seen by auto mechanics in San Diego

Corrosion is a common cause of many air conditioning system failures for drivers. A small leak may also mean that air and water can creep into the system, and this can lead to rust and dirt build-up. This will advance wear and tear and eventually end in system failure. 

Air conditioning service at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego beings with a visual inspection of the components for any clues to damage or leaks. A belt from the engine, usually the serpentine belt, drives the compressor, so it is always checked for cracks or wear. The air conditioning compressor and other parts are then inspected for proper function, followed by a leak test. If a leak is found, it is repaired and the system is retested. 

When the old refrigerant is changed out and recharged with fresh coolant, a final test will make sure that the car’s air conditioner is operational. 

How Often Should I Maintain My Car’s AC? 

Air Conditioner Maintenance in San DiegoHow often this auto maintenance in San Diego should be performed depends on many factors. Your car’s owner’s manual will provide recommendations, and your service advisor at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can help you find out. Usually, it is about every two years. 

If you are not getting cool air, there is something wrong. If you hear a strange noise when you turn the system off and on, there may be an issue with the compressor, and you should stop by your local auto repair shop in San Diego. Replacing a faulty AC clutch in a car is cheaper than changing out a compressor. 

Cabin Air Filter Change

Drivers must understand that there is one more thing that is not directly related to air conditioning service but does affect the quality of the air in your vehicle. That is the cabin air filter. 

This filter cleans dust, pollen, pollution, and other contaminations in the air coming from the heater and air conditioner. The cabin air filter should be replaced when it becomes dirty. However, not all vehicles have one, so ask your service advisor at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to check your cabin air filter while they’re completing your air conditioning service

AC Repair in San Diego

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