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A Dirty Air Filter Can Impact Vehicle Performance

Many vehicle owners are in the dark when it comes to air filter maintenance. Many are not even sure what they do or how they can impact vehicle performance. Unlike oil changes, air filter changes are not common knowledge for many car owners. Air filters play a crucial role in your vehicle’s performance, and failure to maintain them properly can result in setbacks in your car’s lifetime. 

What Does the Air Filter Do?

A Dirty Air Filter Can Impact Vehicle PerformanceThe primary purpose of a vehicle’s air filter is to ensure that large debris items such as leaves, bugs, dust, and other matter do not get into the engine’s system. Essentially, the air filter is similar to an allergy mask that many people wear to prevent pollen from getting into their respiratory systems during the spring. In much the same way, vehicle air filters block larger particles from entering the engine intake, only allowing in pure air. 

How Can a Dirty Air Filter Affect My Car’s Performance?

Like any other component of a working vehicle, an engine air filter needs to be changed over time because the filter will collect a large amount of dust, debris, and other blockages as it performs its duty. These can hinder the needed airflow to the car’s engine, stopping it from performing at its best. This is similar to what happens with a vacuum bag or filter is filled up. The motor will not work as well when the airflow is not clean. 

In most cases, a clogged or dirty air filter may not impact miles per gallon as much as a deflated tire. However, it can certainly take away from your engine’s power. Think of it like this: your engine runs on combustion power. In order for that chemical reaction to take place, the engine requires a steady stream of oxygen for the fuel to combust properly. If this is not occurring due to a clogged air filter, acceleration, power, and torque may suffer. 

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

The best way to make sure that your air filter is fresh is to schedule routine vehicle check-ups at an auto repair shop in San Diego

If you have any questions or your vehicle needs maintenance, schedule an appointment at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. Our team of certified auto mechanics in San Diego is ready to help you with air filter checks and any other service or repair you may need for your car. 

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