Steps to Take After a Car Breakdown

7 Easy Ways to Reduce the Price of Your Vehicle Repair

Many people believe that buying a new car is a bad idea because it instantly loses value after driving off the lot. However, dealerships make purchases extremely quick and easy. Within a few hours, you can have a new car that is heavily-warrantied and without any issues for the first 60,000 miles. While this convenience comes at a significant cost, it is usually worth it when you consider that you will likely have saved tons of time and expenses on repairs and car rentals. 

However, some of us have to pick up a used vehicle for one reason or another. After some time, our team of mechanics has found out some simple and affordable steps that can reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

If you are looking to keep your repair costs down, you just have to follow these rules. 

Use the Oil Type Recommended by Your Vehicle Manufacturer

Despite what some tire and lube shops may tell you, there is a reason that manufacturers recommend certain types of oil and sometimes even specific brands. They construct the engine and its components to operate with that type of oil. The majority of car manufacturers also test all kinds of oils after designing the mechanics as well. They want your engine to run as long as possible. This is the most important key performance indicator that engines are scored on.   

Change Oil & Oil Filter Regularly

This is very likely the most crucial factor in determining the general longevity of your car — particularly the engine. New and clean oil is critical to the health of your engine. Without it, the engine and gaskets will burn up more quickly than you can even imagine. Oil changes are recommended often, as well as filter changes because dirty oil can cause corrosion and blockages that can also potentially damage your engine. 

You should always stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. Recommended changes can vary from car to car, so do the research needed to see exactly how often your oil should be changed. Always remember, it is better to change your lube before service than to do it after, particularly if you know you are a procrastinator. It will keep your maintenance costs down in the end. 

Cut Down on Vehicle Service Bills by Doing Some of the Work Yourself

If you are currently in an older car, especially a domestic American vehicle, you should consider doing some of the basic routine services and repairs on your own. In some models, it is very easy to do some basic vehicle repair and maintenance, such as oil or brake pad changes, and you can do so for just a fraction of the cost of taking to a repair shop. However, some of the newer, compact, and foreign vehicles can be a bit more challenging and may require specialized tools to complete the tasks. If you are not entirely confident in what you are doing, the expenses associated with risk may outweigh your potential savings. For all others, there are free guides provided online for working on specific vehicle models that you can use for reference.  7 Easy Ways to Reduce the Price of Your Vehicle Repair

Stop Driving Recklessly

Certain cars and trucks were designed to take a lot of abuse, but most were not. It is not necessarily bad to speed when you are in a particular rush, but incessant redlining, hard braking, fast turns, and extreme speeding will end up costing you more than you may think. All of these actions can terrorize your vehicle, stressing out the engine and its components as well as causing excessive wear and tear. If you are unable to stop yourself, be certain that you perform inspections and services to your car before the recommended dates to prevent further damage to your car. 

Get Car Tune-Ups When Needed, Do Not Put It Off

While most drivers are more than aware of the basic inspections and services that are critical to the health of their vehicle, one beneficial and preventative measure that is often overlooked is the vehicle tune-up. During standard tune-ups, the fuel filter, air filter PCV valve, breather filter, spark plugs, belts, hoses, fluids, and other components are often inspected and replaced as required. Replacing these parts before they become faulty will increase the performance of your car and can prevent damage to your engine, effectively saving you a good sum of money. 

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Fortunately, most newer car models have computerized gauges that will signal an alert on your dash if your tire pressure falls below a safe level. However, you would be surprised at how many people will ignore this crucial safety feature. Driving with proper tire pressure increases gas mileage, extends the lifetime of your tires by nearly 30%, and can even help prevent things such as alignment or balancing issues. 

Keep Your Engine Air Filter Clean

Dirt is one of the worst enemies of your car’s engine. A nice, clean, and well-lubricated engine makes sure that your car has a long and functional life. Proper air-flow is extremely important to keep everything working properly while outputting peak performance. The cost of a new air filter is significantly less than the price or replacing engine components if you choose to keep a dirty air filter in the casing. The majority of cars benefit the most from a changed air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. It is important that you use a quality air filter that can provide optimal air-flow to the engine. 

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