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6 Signs of a Bad Wheel Alignment

If your vehicle is suddenly jarred, such as by driving over a pothole or an object on the roadway, your wheels can become misaligned. Components in the wheel assembly and suspension can also wear and shift, causing notable signs that it is time to have your wheels realigned. 

A properly aligned car will perform better and more efficiently. If you have to make a quick turn or dodge something in a hurry that is on the road, a wheel alignment may be just what saves your life. 

In some cases, underinflated tires can result in issues that could have led to misaligned wheels. Check the tire pressure first, and if those are within appropriate limits, then it could be time to have wheels realigned. The following are just a few signs that you may have a bad alignment. 

Car Pulls to One Side

6 Signs of a Bad Wheel AlignmentYou should check your wheel alignment when traveling on a straight road with little to no traffic. All you have to do is remove your hands from the steering wheel and allow the vehicle to guide itself down the road. If it serves or drifts to either side, place your fingers back on the steering wheel and lightly maintain control of the steering in order to stay on the roadway. 

When the car is driving straight again, you should test it out once more. If the car is still veering toward one side or the other, then the wheels should be realigned by a professional technician. The more it pulls out of a line, the worse your alignment likely is. 

If you do not address this issue, it will be more difficult to drive straight and you may even cross over into other lanes on the roadway if you do not maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel at all times. If you have this issue with your car, you should take it to a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego and have the alignment fixed right away. 

You should note that the crown of the road may result in your car pulling to one side as well because the center of the roadway is higher than the shoulder. 

Uneven Steering Wheel

Whenever you are traveling down a roadway that is entirely flat and straight, the steering wheel of the car should stay straight and perfectly centered. 

A simple way to check this is to just look at the emblem in the center of your steering wheel. If the emblem stays level while you are traveling straight, then your steering wheel is centered. 

However, if the emblem turns a few degrees off level in any direction, then the steering wheel is probably uneven, and you should have the vehicle’s wheel alignment serviced right away. After the car has been realigned, the steering wheel will stay centered and the car will be much easier to control. 

Loose Steering

A sloppy or loose steering wheel can be potentially hazardous because it can lead to decreased response time when turning. This can be the result of misaligned wheels and should always be a sign that you need to have your car checked out by a technician. 

Vibrating Steering Wheel

A steering wheel that vibrates while the car is moving is probably caused by misaligned or unbalanced tires, but vibration from a steering wheel may also indicate other more severe issues. A professional auto repair technician in San Diego can help determine the cause of the vibration. 

Uneven Tread Wear

If you start to notice that the treads on your car’s tires are wearing out faster than others, you may have a wheel alignment issue.

Measure the tread depth on both sides of each tire with a tread depth meter for the greatest accuracy. Wheels that are properly aligned will all have the same rubber depth on the tires

Squealing Tires

Tires may wear unevenly due to a misalignment. When this happens, they can start to squeal as the car accelerates or marks turns. Squealing can be the cause of many things, including worn brake pads, so it is important to have your vehicle checked if you start to notice this sign. 

Why It Is Important to Repair an Alignment Issue Immediately

These signs of poor wheel alignment can be easy enough to ignore for most drivers, likely because motorists may think it is not a big deal or they just do not want to speed the money on the cost of fixing their alignment. The issue is that the longer you put off the procedure the more damage that will be done your car and your tires. 

Poor gas mileage is a common issue with tires that have misaligned tires. This is because the car has to work harder to go where you want it to, and this will make it consume more gasoline in the end. Also, keep in mind that the lifetime warranty you may have purchased with your tires may be continent on getting regular wheel alignments. 

You should be sure to do yourself a favor that you take your car to a mechanic or alignment shop if any of these signs are observed. Wheel alignments are not that costly when you consider the alternative of damage repair, decreased fuel economy, and early tire replacement. 

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