Understanding the Difference Between Major and Minor Auto Repair

5 Signs Your San Diego Car Needs AC Repair

Weak Airflow

The only way your air conditioner can cool down the inside of your car properly is by maintaining a powerful airflow, so when you turn on the air condition and notice little to no airflow from the air vents inside your vehicle’s cabin, then it means that there is something wrong. Common causes for weak airflow are a loose blower hose, broken ventilation fan, or an accumulated mold. It is advised to have your vehicle’s air condition examined by taking it to an auto repair shop in San Diego

Moisture on the Dashboard

Air conditioning systems are meant to provide cooler temperatures by using the condensation process, meaning that whenever you turn on your air conditioner, it is likely to produce moisture around its coils. This dripping of water is then flushed out through a functional drainage system inside the air conditioner. 

The Air Is No Longer Cool

The essential purpose of your air conditioning system is to provide cool temperatures inside your vehicle. If your system is no longer cooling the inside of your car, then it is a sure sign that something is wrong. Typical problems that can cause a lack of cooling include a broken compressor, faulty blower motor, blown fuse, or a damaged evaporator. Although it could just be a minor problem, you still need to have it repaired to avoid unbearably hot temperatures during the hot summer months. 

The Air Starts out Cool Then Suddenly Gets Warm

5 Signs Your San Diego Car Needs AC RepairImagine that you are about to head out during the afternoon heat while getting into your vehicle. You start the engine and turn on the air conditioning. A soothing cool breeze comes out, making you feel refreshed, but after just a few minutes, the cool air suddenly becomes warm. You start sweating because of the rising temperature. This is more than enough to ruin your mood and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. 

Strange Noises

Air conditioners in cars are meant to operate as quietly as possible, so if you begin to hear strange, rattling sounds whenever you turn on the air condition system, then there is definitely something wrong. Often, the rattling noises are the result of a broken fan part or some debris stuck inside the system. You should have it repaired as soon as possible because it could cause further damage if it is ignored for too long. 

San Diego Auto Repair Shops

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